About Community Builders Inc.

With rising fuel and energy prices, as well as increased environmental consciousness, many consumers are looking for methods to “green” their living spaces, save money on their energy bills, and build equity in their homes. In the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, Community Builders Inc. has emerged as one of the leading providers of energy-efficient home improvements, including EnviroView windows, metal roofing, and Green Energy Barrier insulation. EnviroView windows are the first major energy-efficient product offered by Community Builders Inc. Manufactured with insulated glass, and available in a model filled with stabilized argon, EnviroView’s windows are guaranteed to cut energy bills by 40 percent after installation. The fusion-welded frame of the EnviroView window prevents air and water leakage, stabilizing the interior temperature of the home. Metal roofing is a recent introduction to the world of home improvement, drawing a great deal of praise for its simultaneous ability to save energy as well as homeowner dollars. Lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions, metal roofing provides an attractive and smart alternative to traditional shingles, which is why Community Builders Inc. has made the installation of metal roofing a specialty. Available in a variety of colors, metal roofing can be chosen to match a house’s exterior color scheme, and is often capable of being installed without removing an existing shingled roof. Fastened with stainless steel screws that are matched to the color of the roof, metal roofing stands up to the elements: unlike traditional shingles, it doesn’t harbor moss or mildew, and snow slides off of it easily. With an indefinite life expectancy and a 40-year finish warranty, Community Builders Inc.’s metal roofing can easily last for the life of a house, cutting down on replacement costs and materials waste. Green Energy Barrier insulation is another energy-saving innovation offered by Community Builders Inc. Oklahoma. Based on the radiant technology used in spacesuits, Green Energy Barrier can frequently be installed over existing insulation in less than a day. The high-quality fabric keeps a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, cutting down on heating and air-conditioning costs. Green Energy Barrier comes with a 25 percent savings guarantee.